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MEET Julia Phares

Contact info:

(678) 940-8362


1501 Regency Way #203
Woodstock, GA 30189

Julia Phares – Program Director

Julia is the Program Director for the Atlanta Neurotherapy Institute. She first became interested in neurofeedback therapy through personal experience with her husband’s recovery from anxiety and a stress-induced TIA (mini-stroke) that took her family on a devastating downward spiral. Neurotherapy helped her husband to recover and her family get back on their feet. She has since spent her time bringing the most cutting-edge technology to individuals and families that are struggling, and virtually eliminating ADHD and anxiety that her clients face. Her focus is to mainstream neurofeedback therapy as a comprehensive program considered to be a first option, rather than a last resort. Julia lives in North Georgia with her husband and children, and has recently welcomed her first grandchild into their family!