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Importance of metabolism in brain dysregulation. How the brain and body work together.

While Atlanta Neurotherapy Institute primarily addresses dysregulation of the brain that signal conditions such as ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and a broad spectrum of other common problems, we also take into consideration how hormones and your metabolism affect brain dysregulation.

If we can take care of issues concerning the brain but neglect the functional aspect of how the body is performing metabolically, we can significantly limit our potential for maintaining the long-term results of neurotherapy.

For example, when an adult client comes to us with severe depression, it’s a good idea to look into hormone levels, such as testosterone and estrogen, and even pregnenolone and HGH (human growth hormone), as these are major contributors to depression, anxiety, brain fog and even anger.

Hormone imbalance may often be the initial cause of depression, and, over a period of time, the brain accommodates this condition by creating permanent neural pathways that can cause depression to persist.  Alpha brain waves can decrease, and/or beta brain waves may become high and the cycle of depression is perpetuated by the body and the brain working together in dysfunction. Anxiety and depression affect hormones, and the cycle goes on.

Another factor in children with ADHD can be blood sugar spikes and dips, as well as poor sleep patterns.  A brain map will give us a good snapshot of how an individual is sleeping at night.  A child with ADHD is usually sensitive to sugars and a drop in blood sugar can equal a spike in adrenaline causing anxious and hyperactive behavior.  This commonly happens during sleep as well! Sleep and a healthy metabolism are essential for children with ADHD and other attentional issues.

During the neurotherapy process, we utilize various clinically approved supplements to help balance the body metabolically while we create new, healthy neural pathways in the brain to achieve lasting results.  Our supplements cannot be purchased on a store shelf and are formulated by functional medicine practitioners and nutritional specialists.  Providing supplementation in certain circumstances can offer immediate relief for anxiety, low energy, sleep disruption, hyperactivity and various symptoms associated with metabolic imbalance and mental health.

Overall nutrition is essential for a healthy body, brain and mind.  When we feel well, we think and behave well.  It’s important to incorporate all aspects of healing that are available in order to be mentally and physically well.  It’s important to really consider and evaluate your health and nutritional habits when going into any mental or behavioral health program.

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