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We provide a painless, non-invasive way to help alleviate symptoms associated with developmental and neurological disorders facing children and teens using our effective and proven ADHD Treatment.


Anxiety is all too common in today’s society. By re-training the brain to function more like when it does under meditation and self-regulate, Neurotherapy can alter the associated brainwaves for a more permanent solution.


The latest research shows that Migraines are likely neurological and not vascular, after all. Through the drug-free migraine relief of Neurotherapy, the patient trains and learns how to calm the hyperactive brainwaves down at will.


Depression is often associated with Anxiety Disorders and currently affects as many as 40 million Americans. Research has shown that different brainwaves are associated with different moods and brain states. Countless peer-reviewed studies suggest that neurofeedback has been shown to…

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