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Attention Deficit Disorder – with (ADHD) hyperactivity or without (ADD)

Imagine being in a room full of people listening to a lecture.

In this room, numerous things are demanding your attention at the same time. While the speaker is speaking, the video is flickering slightly and draws your attention. Others are moving in the room. Somebody clears their throat. Someone else just flipped their notebook over. Somebody else is flipping a pen. Somebody is drinking something. Somebody else is swallowing. There is a slight hum in the room coming from somewhere – is it the lighting? A motor in another room? Wait – what did the speaker just say?

I can’t catch up! I can’t just sit here anymore – I have to move around ….

This is just an example of what it ‘s like living with ADHD.  

ADD/ADHD in Kids

” We have helped children just like yours to effectively overcome ADD/ADHD.”.
Imagine the benefits to your child, their school and your family if they were to be able to focus and live with fewer distractions!

ADD/ADHD in Adults

” Untreated ADD/ADHD often remains a lifelong struggle. Unlike other childhood conditions, it may not be something you “grow out of”.
As with children, neurotherapy is recognized as an effective, drug-free alternative for adult ADD/ADHD.

Neurotherapy: ADD/ADHD Drug-Free Solution

”It’s no wonder that millions of parents across the United States are overwhelmed and feeling trapped by a variety of very bad situations. Not only have their children been diagnosed with having ADD/ADHD, but the prescribed treatment typically consists of powerful stimulant drugs. Chances are that, if you are reading this webpage, you probably know everything we’ve already mentioned with regard to medications. The very fact that you found this page means that you are searching for drug-free treatment for ADHD. Neurotherapy provides safe ADD and ADHD treatment for natural relief of the devastating symptoms associated with these conditions. For patients with ADD/ADHD, the goal of Neurotherapy is to teach the individuals brain how to increase the production of fast Beta waves on their own. Over thirty years of university based medical research has proven that this ADHD therapy creates new circuits in the brain that can be accessed as needed by the individual providing ADHD natural relief. The creation of this new circuitry speeds up the brainwaves without the need for dangerous medications.

Program Timeline

For Informational Purposes Only. Individual Treatment plans may vary.


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30-45 minutes – Initial Consultation:

We meet and discuss yourself or your child’s concerns and we first determine if you or your child is a good candidate for our program. If so, we will suggest a tailored treatment plan specific to your case.


30-45 Minutes – qEEG and Treatment:

In the first session, we test brainwave patterns using a sophisticated EEG technology and establish a baseline. Imbalances are recorded and a specific course of training is reached.


12 Weeks – Training and Therapy:

Patients participate in training with our technicians using cutting-edge neurofeedback equipment, approximately 3 times per week. Our neurotherapy training sessions typically take about 40 minutes to conduct for best results, from set up to clean up.