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Drug Free Anxiety Treatment

We have all experienced anxious moments in our lives. Whether it’s the big presentation at work or final exams at school, stress is a normal part of the human experience. For some, however, the anxiety is constant. In these individuals the brain has often been trained to stay in constant state of arousal. When we look at the brain of an individual that is dealing with Anxiety, we typically see an over active area of an area of the brain called the “cortex”. The cortex is the part of the brain that deals with conscious thoughts. When this area of the brain becomes overactive we can have one thought that leads to 10 thoughts, and this can continue until we become overwhelmed and anxious.

How Neurofeedback Helps

Helping people to be able to calm themselves in stressful situations is by far the most effective solution for anxiety, giving sufferers hope as they take control of their lives. Brain training has been used for many years with peer researched, proven results. The ability to calm oneself in stressful situations decreases the need for dependence upon medications and improves quality of life by teaching the brain to create healthier patterns on a more consistent basis. In this case, anxiety responses can be avoided and a calmer brain stays in control more often. We’ll help our patients end the racing thoughts, the emotional roller coaster of anxiety, and get their lives back.

Program Timeline

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30-45 minutes – Initial Consultation:

We meet and discuss your concerns and we first determine if you are good candidate for our program. If so, we will suggest a tailored treatment plan specific to your case.


30-45 Minutes – qEEG and Treatment:

In the first session, we test brainwave patterns using a sophisticated EEG technology and establish a baseline. Imbalances are recorded and a specific course of training is reached.


12 Weeks – Training and Therapy:

Patients participate in training with our technicians using cutting-edge neurofeedback equipment, approximately 3 times per week. Our neurotherapy training sessions typically take about 40 minutes to conduct for best results, from set up to clean up.