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Depression is often associated with Anxiety Disorders and currently affects as many as 40 million Americans. Research has shown that different brainwaves are associated with different moods and brain states. Countless peer-reviewed studies suggest that neurofeedback has been shown to significantly decrease symptoms associated with both anxiety and depression. with lasting results. We address depression from the neurological, psycho-social, and metabolic aspects to ensure that we can seek to bring balance to each area.


OCD stands for “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”. Having obsessive thoughts does not make one OCD, but when obsessive thoughts become extreme, they can be disruptive to everyday life. OCD is often accompanied anxiety, tics/Tourrettes or repetative behaviors. Neurotherapy has been shown to improve both, the behaviors of OCD, as well as the incidences and behaviors that are commonly associated with varying forms of OCD. In a study conducted on drug-resistant patients with OCD, the efficacy of neurofeedback as a treatment showed “good evidence”.


In 2013 the “International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology” conducted a study that is published on “pubmed.gov”, which is the database of the most accepted, peer-supported research, stating the following:
“Our study demonstrated that ‘neurofeedback’ uptraining improved attention and working memory performance and theta activity in the resting state for normal aging adults. In addition, younger participants also benefited from the present protocol in terms of improving their executive function.”


PTSD is a psychological condition resulting from a traumatic event or prolonged trauma experienced by an iniividual that can have serious affects on the person and their loved ones. PTSD.

A Randomized Controlled Study of Neurofeedback for Chronic PTSD conducted by a peer-reviewed, open access journal found that individuals who had been resistant to intense PTSD treatment after 6 months or more had significant improvement in symptoms after 25 sessions or more, with lasting results.

Other Conditions: TBI (traumatic brain injury), Post Concussive Syndrome, Dementia, TIA/Stroke, Seizures, Sleep Disorders, and more.


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