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As if the excessive use of modern technology is not concerning enough, innovators in the tech and science industry are rolling out the controversial 5G, hyperfast, hyper-efficient broadband cellular technology that will be in use worldwide.

On the surface, this breakthrough is a seemingly quantum leap into the future of all things technology.

The American imagination drifts to something like the Jestsons, which is exactly the type of technological preferment that 5G innovators are promising.

Affectionately known as the “fast food” society, we have a preoccupation with instant gratification that makes the prospect of super-speed downloads and instant communication that all but zaps through time and space and directly to your device sound like utopia!

While we hear about the biological and psychological effects of modern technology as though it were a conspiracy theory, 5G dangers are getting some real publicity from respected researchers, which means that alternative therapies providers like myself can remove our tin foil hats and join “mainstream” society on this very real concern.

Unfortunately, the laws and regulations that are supposed to protect us from the overexposure of such frequencies have been dialed back to accommodate 5G broadband.

While this should concern everyone, having made the focus of my practice in alternative therapies to treat mental, cognitive and behavioral disorders based on dysregulation of brainwave activity, I find it expressly important to dig into the possible and probable effects that these environmental changes will have on the biological and mental health of our society.

We’ll look at the research from the biological/medical standpoint, leaving aside the sociological effects of the current technological generation.

In 2006, the official stance from the WHO (World Health Organization) on RF-EMF (radio-frequency, electromagnetic field) was that the output levels from base stations were so low, there was no concern for health risks.

By 2018, the evidence of health risks from RF-EMF had become obvious enough that the WHO launched “The EMF Project” stating:

“EMF exposure now occurs to varying degrees to all populations of the world, and the levels will continue to increase with advancing technology. Thus, even a small health consequence from EMF exposure could have a major public health impact.”

…Concerns have been expressed that exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields at power frequencies (50/60 Hz) could lead to an increased incidence of cancer in children and other adverse health effects. The evidence comes primarily from residential epidemiological studies. These studies suggest that children exposed to ELF magnetic fields have an associated increased risk of leukemia.” WHO- 7 December 2018

With the above information in mind, note that 5G broadband frequencies are 600 MHz to 6 GHz and also in millimeter wave bands 24–86 GHz. 1 MHz= 1,000,000 (1 million) Hz and 1 GHz= 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) Hz.

If there is an increased risk of cancer at 50-60 Hz, what are the health implications if we introduce RF in millions and billions of Hz worldwide?

The previous research was only referring to RF- EMF that is emitted from base stations into the environment.

This impact only scratches the surface of possibilities as we can couple the risks with the fact that citizens in most modern societies are walking around with RF-EMF emitting devices in their pockets, purses and hands, such as cell phones and tablets.

Mainstream science and medicine has already accepted that cellular devices alone are a risk to human health in the way of cellular (human cells) disruption that can lead to cancer. The electromagnetic fields that give off electrical frequencies act as a microwave that produce heat and are known to affect our cells when stored near vital organs or held to the head and near the brain and eyes.

In addition to the carcinogenic effects of RF-EMF, recent neurological research as cited by a private study published in the PubMed research database suggests evidence that radio-frequency EMF effect brainwave activity as well. .

Brainwaves are measured in hertz (Hz) as neurons communicate or have an electrical change that can be measured as an electrical frequency at the surface of the skull through a quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG).

Each brainwave is identified by how many hertz, or cycles per second are produced. Brainwave activity can give many indicators for both metabolic and mental health conditions. When brainwaves are in a state of dysregulation, or the neural pathways that these waves and networks are moving along are not ideal, we will often see mental and behavioral changes take place.

For instance, ADHD can be seen in an individual that has high amounts of frontal Delta (1-3 Hz) and Theta (4-8 Hz) brainwaves. Delta and Theta are the two lowest (and slowest) frequency, but most powerful brainwaves in the brain.

Excess frontal Delta and Theta would result in a child becoming sleepy and daydreaming while they are being given instructions, vs increasing in Alpha (9-12 Hz) which promotes relaxed, mental alertness. If an individual had excess amounts of Beta (13-20 Hz) in a resting position, which is a very fast brainwave, they can be considered to have anxiety.

It should be of concern that radio frequencies and EMF can cause brainwave disruption and no subsequent studies have yet been conducted on the effects this may have on neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to form new neural cells) and cognition.

The latest research on the neurological effects of cell phone use and brain wave activity suggests that cell phones do, in fact, cause excitement of brainwaves.

The effect of repeated dysregulation of brain waves can cause conditions such as ADD/ADHD and anxiety.

What is far more concerning is that cell phone use alone is no longer the main threat. With 5G technology, we are looking at a direct exposure (ZAP) of high level radio-frequency EMF in the atmosphere all around us.

Medical and mental health providers have every reason to investigate the types of biological and mental disorders we may be facing and how they will be addressed.

Here’s how 5G works;

Cell towers already emit dangerous radio frequencies that travel through the atmosphere, but 5G is ultra high frequency and intensity.

These frequencies are shorter in length which means there will need to be more towers and mini-towers in closer proximity to one another. About every 2-8 houses, on street lights, utility poles and sides of buildings.

These “small cell antennae” will significantly increase exposure to RF-EMF. At these high levels of frequency, intensity and exposure, the medical community is beginning to demand extensive industry research into the short and long-term effects this change will have on society.

As of yet, the industry itself has conducted no acceptable research in this area.

Private studies through universities still suggest that RF-EMF exposure at the current levels are a real threat to our health and to the environment.

But as with pharmaceutical companies, the industry wins out through legislative pork, capital cronyism and the international quest for intellectual and technological power.

In a recent outcry, the U.S. Conference of Mayors opposed the proposal by the FCC to grant communications service providers subsidized access to local public property and to control how local governments manage their local rights-of-ways and public property.

This is basically Imminent Domain granted to communications service providers. In addition to municipalities taking a stand against the 5G roll-out, which is already operational in many cities, scientists world-wide are calling for a halt to the plan.

At the end of the day, there’s not much the individual can do to stop a runaway train headed in every direction.

So, what can we do to offset the effects these environmental changes will have on us as individuals and our families?

Thankfully there are a few things that can greatly reduce the impact of RF-EMF on our lives.

  • Use EMF shields in your home and office. Wear EMF pendants daily (Qlink for example).
  • Limit use of electronics and keep them in EMF shielded cases.
  • Turn your phone or tablet completely off when not in use.
  • Unplug wi-fi sources in your home at night.
  • Use blue blocker apps to reduce blue light stimulation.
  • Eat clean and stay well hydrated.
  • Exercise regularly to promote healthy blood flow for cellular regeneration.
  • Find time to sit away from electronics without noise to allow the brain to “defrag”
  • Get adequate sleep without electronics on in your room. Turn off and unplug electronic devices.
  • Consider the use of electrolyzed-reduced water to promote proper electrical charge of human cells

It is important to be aware of the environmental and health effects of technology without spiraling into fear.

We may not be able to impact the decisions being made on our behalf but we can certainly educate ourselves and take personal action to keep as safe as possible.

There is certain to be a retrospective head shaking in the next 20 years! 🤦‍♀️